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Isotech,Inc / KCCoyote Inc. is a participating member of the Northwest Missouri MO-KAN, the Regional Technology Planning Team, the Mid America Regional Council, and the Green Hills Regional Planning Commission.

Now in 2 locations: Main Office – Trimble, MO and Data Center – Kearney, MO

The History of Isotech, Inc./ KCCoyote Inc. 1986 – Now

Tony & Eileen Holland incorporated Isotech in June of 1986. The company started as an independent sales organization reselling hardware for Unisys Corporation and supporting one of their primary operating systems. Isotech also provided software and wrote custom programs.

While working with many rural small to medium size business, Tony & Eileen saw a great need in the rural areas for computer skills that their years of experience in the industry could offer.

The old “Good Times Bar” on Highway 169 in Trimble Missouri was run down and vacant. They approached the owner about opening the building.

In February 2000, after a total make over, Isotech Inc opened as a Technology Resource Center additionally providing local fax, copy, and shipping services.

When internet access in their rural communities was only available by dialing long distance, Isotech installed local internet dialup service for the areas between Gower, Plattsburg, Kearney, Liberty and Smithville.

2006 the dial up service was converted into Terrestrial Fixed Wireless internet.

Changing from T1 lines to Fiber Optics initiated the Hybrid Fiber/Wireless broadband service, called KCCoyote “Fiber through the Air”. KCCoyote symmetric broadband service has no data caps or contracts. Unite Private Networks was the first fiber carrier to install service at our Smithville MO tower.

In 2012 Isotech Inc. leased roof top space for a tower and an office for a data center in the First Missouri Bank building in Kearney MO.

In 2013 KCCoyote Inc leased office space from the First Missouri bank and became a Clay County business.

In 2014 Isotech Inc. acquired A+ Computing wireless network and opened offices in Carrollton MO in 2015.

As of 2016 the KCCoyote product is 10 years old. KCCoyote operates in 7 counties from 75+ towers and has offices in Trimble, Kearney and Carrollton Missouri.

2016 brings new services. LTE fixed/mobile broadband will be deployed in areas where trees exist and mobile Wi-Fi is beneficial. LTE will be an alternative for municipalities paying Cellular providers to service meters, cameras etc. LTE will bring Wi-Fi to parks, trails and campgrounds.

Unite Private Networks will install a new 1GIG fiber connection at the First Missouri Bank in Kearney which will provide resiliency to our Data Center Clients and KCCoyote Wireless customers.

Isotech Inc. is now a ViaSat satellite wholesaler providing satellite internet for those who have no other options. As a satellite market density grows this will signal the need and deployment of a tower for terrestrial wireless broadband to that area.

Isotech Inc is a broadband service provider for Worlds of Fun. Isotech contracted to lay fiber on the grounds and provide administrative connectivity from worlds of fun to the Cedar Fair corporate data center. Unite Private Networks is the carrier for that location.

KCCoyote equipment on the top of the Steel Hawk provides a wireless link to Rush Creek Properties west of Hwy 291 on Hwy 210. Fiber from the entrance on Foster Rd links every underground building to the Internet. This is “Fiber through the Air”!

Fiber Optics to commercial customers has created an additional market for KCCoyote Inc. Businesses that cannot have an outage are using the “Powered by KCCoyote” “Fiber through the Air” internet backup service.

With the wireless link a backup to broadband services is created that can fail over in the event of an upstream fiber carrier outage and can be aggregated for additional bandwidth. This satisfies many corporations backup contingency plan for disaster recovery and high availability broadband requirements.

KCCoyote broadband networks are served from 6 locations by 3 different Fiber carriers. This model allows KCCoyote customers to have greater levels of protection from outages caused by fiber cuts and carrier outages.

It is our goal to meet the needs of our neighboring rural Missouri communities in any technology area that is needed.

KCCoyote Inc. provides citizens with choices not often available in other communities.